Attracting new talent, finding new inspiration in old advertising and the value of customer feedback. In the April issue of MadAveGroup Digest, you’ll find tips on how to advertise to attract new talent to your company. Plus, see how we analyze old advertising to uncover valuable takeaways, and much more.
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Issue 14 / April 2022

Are you hiring? If so, you’re not alone. Many of our clients are asking for our help to attract new talent.

We’ve found that digital advertising consisting of high-funnel awareness and hyper-targeted messaging works well. It ensures that recruitment messages are seen broadly and frequently enough. Google Display and social media spread the message to a wide audience, while IP targeting lets us zero in on the demographic our clients want to reach.

We can also hyper-target geographic locations or use lesser-known advertising channels to reach specific people.

While the advertising channels are important, the messaging is an even more crucial element of successful recruiting. Promoting high salaries and sign-on bonuses is a popular tactic, but do some research to see what others in your area or industry are doing to stand apart from the crowd.

Push the unique aspects of your company’s culture, too. You never know which factor might drive a great candidate in your direction.

Gwen Hagen

Looking Forward by Looking Back  

Man in video

There’s a wealth of creative insight hiding in the best advertising from years past. We analyzed one TV spot from the late 1960s to mine several valuable takeaways.


Feedback: A Key Marketing Tool

Customer Experience Marketing is about building relationships with current customers through each of your brand’s touchpoints. See how you can use feedback to make it work.

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Case Study: Titan Metallurgy

This metal testing lab had too many of one customer’s eggs in its basket. See how we diversified their revenue base.

Titan website on laptop

Updating a 120-Year-Old Brand

Like power-washing a beautiful old building, cleaning up the visual brand elements of a mature company can yield some very satisfying results. Take a look.

Humphry brochure

Our New Website

Fresh. Clean. Vibrant. All words that describe the new SensoryMax website. Take a tour and discover how this team can inject new life into your onsite customer experience.

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Ready to Test Your Caller Experience?

Are you sure you’re treating your callers to a positive, memorable experience? There’s a simple way to find out. Here’s an exercise and a few questions to consider.

Person On Hold

A Rare Opportunity

The Avalon Foundation is a unique nonprofit that serves people affected by rare diseases. See how we helped their efforts and earned the role as "a cornerstone of [their] organization’s growth."

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