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Issue 11 / January 2022

“Too many companies bet on having a cut-throat, high-pressure, take-no-prisoners culture to drive their financial success.” - Harvard Business Review article

Large organizations that pursue profit above all else are currently having trouble keeping talented employees who are searching for an engaging, rewarding corporate culture.

Their size affords them the ability to offer high starting salaries and more competitive healthcare benefits than most smaller organizations, making it easy to attract replacements. And they can budget for multi-staff, process-driven HR departments whose primary purpose is refilling the pipeline.

While that type of environment can create positive results in the short term, it isn’t sustainable when the labor market is as friendly to the job-seeker as it is today.

Companies not facing the same staffing challenges are those that view employees as individuals rather than dispensable cogs in a profit machine. At MadAveGroup, we’re actually benefitting from The Great Resignation.

Is Everything Fine?

Are you asking for input from your customers? If so, do they know you truly value their thoughts? Consider some of these ways you might be hiding from feedback.


The Long Game of Marketing

If you think of marketing merely as a quick path to cash, 1) you may be disappointed and 2) you might be accused of not seeing the forest for the trees. Here’s a look at the bigger picture.


A Formula for Successful PPC Campaigns

Pay-Per-Click advertising provides a lot of benefit for many types of businesses, including precise targeting and quick response. But before you jump into PPC, check out this to-do list.


Protecting the Diamond

In 34 countries, Dana provides drivetrain and e-Propulsion technologies. Members of the d2i team have been developing and protecting the global brand for more than 40 years. See how.


Using Background Music and Audio Marketing

We compiled a list of questions to ask when choosing the music you play in your store or workspace, plus a list of ways to apply Audio Marketing to various environments. 


Simon Sinek Says

It’s easy to rush toward the latest communications tech when it’s the hot new thing, but author and speaker Simon Sinek has a few thoughts on the value of an old favorite.


Nonprofits Need Marketing Plans, Too

You may think that only for-profit organizations need marketing plans, but check out this list of objectives and benefits to see how a solid plan can serve your nonprofit.


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