Need to Shake Up Your Marketing?
Tips on shaking up your advertising, the one word for your brand, a Humor On Hold case study, essential marketing for nonprofits and more.
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Issue 41 /July 2024

Need to shake up your advertising? If your content is tired or sales are sluggish, consider these tips.

1) Have you been on any single channel for six months or more with diminishing returns? Switch to that channel’s competitor or an entirely different medium to expose your brand to a new audience.

2) Audit your current content. If your website never changes, if your social posts are predictable or if your paid search ads don’t interrupt your target audience, it’s time to start thinking differently about what you put into the world. Chances are good your team’s skills and your customers’ needs have changed since you started publishing content. So, refresh or delete what’s no longer relevant and update your take on future content.

3) Successful advertisers consider four basic elements: the audience, the message, the channel and the frequency, and each of those four can be unique for each campaign. It’s worth the effort to experiment with those elements and then analyze the results often to find the most effective combination.

We can help you execute all those ideas. Let us know if we can help. 

What’s Your Word?  

Lots of good things can happen when people start to connect one positive word or idea with your brand. But it won’t happen by accident.


Maximize ROI with Outsourced Marketing

Trying to justify an out-of-house team to handle your marketing? Here are four good reasons based on your bottom line.


A Community Stronger Than Steel

North Star BlueScope Steel is focused on making great steel, not great social media content. But we thought they could do both - with a little help from our team. Check out the results.


The Benefits of Brand Portals

A brand portal can make life a lot easier for your marketing team and partners. It's a digital space where all your brand assets and other frequently used resources are stored. Check out our tips.


Sensory Marketing in Independent Living Communities

Independent living communities have built-in audiences: current and potential residents, resident family members and the staff. Learn how our audio, video and scent marketing can serve all of them.

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A Humor On Hold Case Study

See why Lakeland Auto and Marine and their callers have enjoyed this unique service for so many years. Then, load your ears up with free audio samples!


Nonprofit Marketing Is Essential

Some consider marketing to be a “frivolous” expense for nonprofit organizations. Here are a few reasons to reconsider that take.

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