Archiving your older Google Analytics, building a strong brand and more
Take steps by July 1st to maintain access to your older Google Analytics info. Plus, building a strong brand, using AI in web development, summertime marketing and more in this month’s MadAveGroup Digest.
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Issue 40 /June 2024

Archive Your Google Analytics Info Now!   

Monitoring your web traffic through Google Analytics provides valuable insights into user behavior and website performance. The data helps you understand your audience and optimize your marketing strategies, while making informed decisions to improve user experience, increase engagement and drive conversions.

In the fall of 2020, Google debuted GA4, the newest version of their analytics software. It replaced the previous version, Universal Analytics, which stopped recording data in July 2023.

Beginning July 1, 2024, Google will start deleting all historical data from Universal Analytics. So, if you want to preserve your data from Universal Analytics, you’ll need to act fast. Your options range from simply downloading selected information to a CSV or Excel file to building custom database solutions.

At TouchStone Digital - MadAveGroup’s digital marketing agency - we developed a process to archive our clients’ data. We use an API that saves all relevant information into Google Sheets. If you’d like to learn about preserving your data, please contact us soon.

What Our 35 Years Might Mean to You


Considering a new marketing partner? Here are a few reasons our 35 years in business might just matter to you.


Building a Strong Brand

From strategy to execution and everything in between, it takes a tremendous amount of work to build and maintain a strong brand. That’s why outsourcing your marketing can make sense.

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The Role of AI in Web Development

Web Developer Josh Morrow has a few suggestions on how to use AI to help with design, coding, quality control and other aspects of a web build. 

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Deep Dive: Behind the Lens of the 2023 Golf Outing

There are many technical decisions to make when creating video content. Videographer Rob Heath shows you how we used different camera lenses to capture our golf outing last year.

Rob Heath

Summertime Marketing Strategies

The warmer months are a chance for your brand to reflect the fun, positive aspects of the season. Check out these ideas.

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4 Questions to Answer Before Starting Your Podcast

To succeed in the podcasting world, you need a willingness to ask questions. Here are four to consider before you ever start recording.

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Breaking Down the Benefits of Nonprofit Marketing

With all the work it takes to run your nonprofit organization, it can be easy to put marketing on the back burner. Here are five reasons you shouldn’t.

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