Marketing tactics for small companies, lessons from graduation season and more
Marketing lessons from graduation season, how the eclipse could change your business, marketing tactics for small companies, email metrics to track and more in this month’s MadAveGroup Digest.
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Issue 39 /May 2024

Marketing Lessons from Graduation Season  

A lot of students will be graduating from high school and college in the coming weeks. These are the marketing reminders I took away from ceremonies over the last few years.

1) Be an inspiration. Just like a great commencement speaker, your marketing and advertising should inspire your audience. Paint a vivid picture of what’s possible with your products, services, philosophy or team.

2) Share stories. Graduation season is a time for reflection. That often means telling stories about teachers, friends and all the good times. The stories you share in your marketing content will help your audience remember what you value as a brand.

3) Celebrate. Sure, give your team a big shout-out on your website or social media for their latest accomplishment. Just be sure to tell your audience why they should care about your good news. How can they apply the details to their buying decision?

4) Be yourself. The long, shiny robes, oddly shaped hats, cords and sashes graduates wear are all part of the pomp and tradition. Does your marketing accurately reflect who you are or are you just “dressing up” for the public?

5) Dream. New graduates often dream about the future. Have you ever dreamed of what’s possible with your marketing? How could it be more effective, memorable and fun? What are the other metrics and victories you’d like to pursue?

Let us know if you’d like any help making those dreams come true.

The Long-Term Effect of the Eclipse on Your Business

woman with eclipse glasses

The solar eclipse on April 8th lasted only a few minutes, but this takeaway from that experience could change how you present your business for the rest of your life.


Effective Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

If you own or run a company you may not have much time to think strategically about your marketing. So, here are six important basics you can read in just a couple of minutes. 


5 Email Metrics You Should Be Tracking

Email marketing can be an effective tool for engaging your audience. Understanding these five metrics will help you maximize your program’s impact.  

laptop with email

A Look at What You Can Expect

In their new 2024 show reel, the d2i team gives you a hint at the type of work they can do for you. Need great design or video content? Check out this reel. 

deep dive

Sensory Marketing for Funeral Homes

Talk about specific! But even if you don’t work in the end-of-life industry, you’ll see that several of these Sensory Marketing benefits apply to your world, too.

hands of elderly

Building Trust with Callers

There are many ways to earn your customers’ trust, but have you ever considered how effective sharing your company’s values might be? Read these thoughts. 

woman talking on phone

5 Marketing Obstacles Nonprofits Face

Do any of these weaknesses look familiar? Don’t worry. We’ve got a few suggestions that can strengthen your nonprofit’s marketing.  

woman on obstacle course