3 benefits of market research, licensing music for your business and more
Haven’t conducted customer and competitor research yet? Here are three ways it’ll help you better understand your marketing opportunities. Also, licensing music for your business, marketing for international success and more in this month’s MadAveGroup Digest.
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Issue 38 /April 2024

Three Benefits of Conducting Market Research

1) You’ll get to know your audience. What could potential customers be looking for from your company? What are their specific pains and preferences? How about their expectations regarding price, delivery and service? Once you have the answers to those and other questions, you can better tailor your ad copy and marketing content to meet your audience’s needs.

2) You can identify opportunities. Do you make assumptions about what prospective buyers want based solely on your experience with other companies? Market research can uncover real needs, emerging trends and industry-wide problems or frustrations. With that information, you can market specific targeted solutions that attract attention and buyers.

3) You’ll develop a better understanding of competitors. What unique practices have others in your industry implemented? Why do people buy from companies other than yours? How are their products better or their sales and marketing efforts more effective? Market research is the first step in analyzing your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses and then identifying your advantage. 

No research experience? No time? We can help.

Creating Ads or Content? Ask This Question First

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There are a lot of factors that determine how successful your marketing is, but asking this fundamental question may be one of the most important.


Adapting Your Marketing Plan for International Success

From conducting initial research and identifying target markets to developing strategies and choosing channels, here’s a starter kit for taking your brand global. 

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Case Study: Hearing Associates

This audiology practice wanted to increase web traffic and hearing aid sales. See how we applied an array of digital marketing tools to boost those numbers.

Hearing Associates

Deep Dive: Logo Guide

If you’re not a designer, you might not know which logo file type you need for your application. And then there are logo and color variations to consider. Check out this handy info.

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Music Licensing for Your Business

Music can add so much to the customer experience you provide at your brick-and-mortar business, but it’s important to keep it legal. Look at these options.


Unique Content and a Memorable Caller Experience

The generic On Hold Marketing content that many providers offer may be cheaper, but it won’t do anything to serve your callers or strengthen your brand. 

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Web Analytics for Your Nonprofit

When you know how your website and emails are performing - and how they’re not - you can make smart, data-based decisions to maximize donations.

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