Will AI Replace Marketing Professionals?
Understanding social media algorithms, aligning your marketing plan with the buying cycle, developing a marketing budget and calendars and more in this month’s MadAveGroup Digest.
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Issue 37 /March 2024

Why AI Will Never Replace Marketing Professionals  

It’s no surprise that Artificial Intelligence is shaking up the way people are looking at marketing. Over the last few decades, we’ve all been excited by the arrival of many other remarkable technologies, too, from Photoshop and Pro Tools to social media and streaming video.  

But as much as those tools and channels changed the landscape, they also require human input, knowledge and/or artistry to make magic happen.

Marketing and advertising require genuine creativity and empathy, the skill of building connections and a deep understanding of what motivates people, all of which computers alone just can’t match.

While AI can support various aspects of marketing, the integration and coordination of full marketing campaigns - from PR to digital advertising - requires the insight and experience of skilled human beings.

We understand using AI to work more efficiently, but it's the people using the AI who understand the unique needs of their clients and audiences, and work passionately to create results that matter to them.

Content Creation Tips

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Aligning Your Marketing with the Customer Buying Cycle

Before you can create a successful marketing plan you must understand the seven universal steps that people take before making a purchase.

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Understanding Social Media Algorithms for 2024

Check out our tips for appealing to the Facebook, X and Instagram algorithms. Plus, learn about the types of posts that encourage audience engagement.

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Bringing Out the Joy

See how we used email and social media to build awareness and audience engagement for a national footwear brand.

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Sensory Marketing in Senior Living Communities

Certain types of businesses are ideal environments for Sensory Marketing. Senior care facilities are one of them. Learn how we can improve the resident and visitor experience.

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B2B Podcast Tips

Just like creating any other type of content, producing a consistently engaging podcast is difficult. Here are a few tips for delivering value with your B2B podcast

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Developing a Marketing Budget and Calendar

What are the five steps to creating a marketing budget? What should that budget include? Do you have all the marketing calendars you need? Consider these ideas.

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