Video storytelling, Sensory Marketing, plus lots of fun audio
In February’s MadAveGroup Digest, inspiration for your company’s videos, creating memorable encounters with Sensory Marketing, a fun Humor On Hold audio sampler and more
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Issue 36 /February 2024

Video Storytelling Ideas

There’s a lot of questions to ask before creating a video for your brand.

Who’s the audience? How long should it be? Where will it be seen?

But always focus on this question first: What’s the story?

“I own a kitty litter company,” you might say. “What story could I possibly tell about kitty litter?” A few ideas:

  • Talk about your company’s origin. Why did you start the business? Is there any interesting trivia about your brand?

  • Why kitty litter? Did you identify a specific need or opportunity in the market? Was “Big Litter” doing it all wrong? What do you find interesting about the product?

  • Define your difference. There’s a kitty litter that changes color when a cat has certain health issues. That early warning can literally save cat lives. What’s unique about your litter, its ingredients or packaging?

  • Appeal to your customers’ love of cats. How else are you helping kitties? Are you donating a share of your profits to cat-related medical research or adoption programs?

  • Tell feel-good stories about cats. The joy they bring to people. How beautiful they are. Their unique personalities.

  • Let your fans speak for you. Interview your happiest customers or compile their user-generated content into a video montage.

Sometimes you’re too close to what you do to see the different types of value you bring to customers. That’s when a different perspective comes in handy. Let us know if we can help you tell your story.

Look at This Guy Sell Celery

person holding celery

You could use this simple TV commercial as an advertising model. Watch to see how it delivers immediate value by focusing on the needs of the audience.


Creating Memorable Encounters with Sensory Marketing

Not sure what Sensory Marketing is? Check out these descriptions of memorable campaigns, plus a few of the benefits of engaging your customers’ senses.

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Simplifying a Diverse Catalog

See how we made it easier for a global chemical company to showcase their products during conventions and trade shows.

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The d2i Deep Dive

Videographer Rob Heath explains the choices our team made when creating a recent employee profile video. It’s interesting insight you may not have considered when contemplating video projects or providers.

profile video

The Importance of Sensory Marketing Updates

Audio, video and music are effective tools for branding your business and communicating with on-site shoppers and visitors, but to maximize their impact, the content should be changed regularly.

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The 2023 Humor On Hold Audio Sampler

Giving your customers a giggle is a win-win! They enjoy the many physical and emotional benefits of laughing; you enjoy the brand benefits, from greater recall to good word-of-mouth. Listen in.

man talking on phone

Developing Strategies and Tactics

Are you preparing your nonprofit’s marketing plan? This post features tips on developing the strategies and tactics that will help you reach your goals.