Tips on Handling Negative Online Reviews, Relaunching Your Brand and more
In December’s MadAveGroup Digest, re-launching your brand, handling negative online reviews, creating an effective branded environment and more.
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Issue 34 /December 2023

Let Your Customers Speak for You 

In the article below, we provide suggestions on how to respond to negative online reviews. 

But you can respond productively to positive reviews, too.

First, thank the person who shared their nice thoughts about your product or company. Let her know publicly how much you appreciate her feedback. If you can find the reviewer in your CRM, consider sending her a hand-written, branded thank you card as well. (Think of the impression that would make!)

Next, share the review with any of your employees the customer mentioned by name. Your team members are sure to appreciate the public validation and the fact that YOU noticed it. You might even keep a file of each employee’s good reviews.

Then, use those positive reviews on your website, as content for your social channels, in collateral and promotional materials. People are more likely to trust what others say about your brand than what you say about it. So, use reviews as social proof to support your company’s claims and promises. 

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6 Tips on Handling Negative Reviews

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When someone complains about your business online, resist any urge to lash out or ignore the review. Here are some good suggestions on how to respond.


Relaunching Your Brand 

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New Growth, New Website 

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Creating an Effective Branded Environment 

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Caller Experience and Your Brand 

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