Focusing on SEO, customer service plans, appealing to Gen Z and more
In November’s MadAveGroup Digest, 5 reasons to focus on SEO, developing a customer service plan, reaching the Gen Z audience, 5 tips to prevent a bad caller experience and more.
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Issue 33 /November 2023

You Get What You Ask For

Questions - when applied intentionally - are a powerful tool for growing your business.

They can uncover information that helps you improve buyer satisfaction, identify sales opportunities and build rapport by showing customers your sincere desire to understand them.

Here are a few tips on asking better questions.

Focus on your customers. People care far more about themselves than about your business. So, make sure your questions center on their experience and pain points rather than on your product or service. Most people like talking about themselves, so give them that chance with your questions.

Consider the types of answers you want. Looking for a yes or no? Simplify your questions to promote easy understanding and clear responses. Want more details? Try open-ended questions that begin with the words what, why and how.

Do your research. Starting with a baseline of information about your customers lets you make efficient use of their time by avoiding basic questions and focusing on a more meaningful conversation.

Dig a little deeper. Asking for clarification or additional input can reveal unexpected information. Thoughtful follow-up questions can elicit deeper insight and show that you’re legitimately engaged with your customers.

When you ask questions, be prepared to actively listen to your customers’ answers. People can usually tell the difference between genuine curiosity and merely “checking a box.”  

Developing Your Customer Service Plan

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You might already have a marketing plan, but have you defined goals, strategies and tactics related to customer service? An effective approach can encourage customer loyalty and boost great word-of-mouth. 


Reaching Gen Z with Your Marketing Message

They’re young, they’re tech-savvy and they’re the future. Turns out a lot of people in this age group are brand loyal, too. Here are a few tips on how to appeal to Generation Z.  

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Why SEO Is Important for Business Growth 

Search Engine Optimization is one of the keys to your business getting found online. Check out these five specific benefits of investing in solid SEO.

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VIDEO: Meet Designer Abby Herrera

Encouraged by an influential teacher and her family of artists, Abby followed her inspiration to a career in graphic design. See how she “translates” our clients’ dreams.

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AuraPura: A Vehicle for Scent Marketing

Work in automotive sales, repair or detailing? There’s a new opportunity that can generate recurring revenue. Read about AuraPura.

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5 Ways to Not Create a Good Caller Experience 

It can be easy to forget about your company’s telephones as a marketing and CX touchpoint, but callers represent real revenue, so avoid these five mistakes.

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Plan for a GivingTuesday Campaign 

Your nonprofit can benefit from the nationwide awareness created by GivingTuesday. These seven tips can help you maximize the donations you receive.

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