A strong recruitment strategy, optimizing landing pages, setting SMART goals and more In October’s MadAveGroup Digest, tips on developing a strong recruitment strategy, guidelines for writing and sending press releases, optimizing landing pages for digital ads and more.
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Issue 32 /October 2023

It’s Time for a Strong Recruitment Strategy

The hunt for talent is extremely competitive these days. With a 3.8% unemployment rate in the U.S., a strong recruitment strategy is more important than ever. Here are some things to consider for your company.

Building the applicant flow. Serious job seekers want details on what your company is all about. But it’s important to serve the right messaging on the right channel to your ideal audience(s).

You first have to get the attention and interest of potential applicants. Your messaging should speak to their highest desire, whether that’s compensation, benefits, scheduling flexibility, etc. Ideally, your content will move job seekers to the next stage of their buying cycle, which is discovery. In that stage, they’re more likely to learn about your culture, find out what your employees like about your company and look into what makes you unique. Longer form videos are a good tool for telling those stories.  

Once you know your messaging is resonating with your audience, tell them about your open positions and invite them to apply. Doing either before they’re ready can turn off a potential applicant.

The DNA Benefit Package. People who are always focused on finding more money are more likely to leave your company as soon as an even higher wage comes along. So, promote the benefits that will attract a more loyal audience: a good culture, work/life balance, advancement opportunities. The candidates who buy into your company’s DNA will likely stay longer and contribute more.

Evaluating a Makeover. Job candidates are smarter than ever before. They use tools beyond your website to learn about you. There are many sites, message boards and social media pages that can tell them how others perceive your company. That’s why it’s smart to evaluate your company and make necessary improvements before attempting to attract talent. Look at how you stack up against those competing for the same applicants as you. That exercise can prove eye opening and might explain why you’re not getting better results.

Employment is Your Product. Just like you need to market and advertise your products or services, you need to market and advertise your employment opportunities. Candidates are your customers for employment, so curate the experience as you would when selling to your clients. A marriage of a great HR team and marketing-minded creativity will advance your company’s recruitment efforts.

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