GA4: The new Google Analytics, plus the customer experience and boosting website traffic In July’s MadAveGroup Digest, what you need to know about GA4, the new version of Google Analytics. Plus, updating old blog posts to boost your website traffic and why the customer experience matters.
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Issue 29 / July 2023

Google Analytics is a web analytics service that tracks and reports data about websites and apps. As of July 1, 2023, the version of Google Analytics known as Universal Analytics (UA) no longer collects data. The new version - Google Analytics 4 - or GA4 - is available now.

To continue collecting website data using Google Analytics, you must upgrade to GA4. You’ll be able to access all your data collected by the previous version (UA) through July 1, 2024.

This transition was designed to meet the requirements of stricter privacy laws. The data collection model has also been updated. Google Analytics 4 collects data in the form of events to give you more accurate and detailed insights into the behavior of those using your website or app.

The benefits of GA4 include:

  • Improved ‘session’ metric counting for higher accuracy and a lower error rate.

  • Automatic tracking of enhanced metrics (scroll, outbound clicks, site search, video engagement and file downloads.

  • Cross-device tracking when a user switches between desktop, smartphone and tablet.

Our Digital Marketing agency, TouchStone Digital, has set up a GA4 property for all our current clients. If you need help setting up GA4, contact your Account Executive or send us a note.

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