The benefits of analyzing your competitors, overcoming objections and more. In June’s MadAveGroup Digest, overcoming the objections of potential customers, the benefits of organizing your brand elements, the reasons Humor On Hold works so well and more.
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Issue 28 / June 2023

“For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned.” - Attributed to Benjamin Franklin

That’s why keeping your brand elements current and easily accessible is so important. Along with the latest version of your logo, everyone who creates content for your company should know where to find your fonts, color palette, PowerPoint template, email signature and communication guide.

Even if your company is small, you’ll present yourselves as more focused and professional when you maintain a consistent look and messaging across all channels. Your brand will be easier to remember, too. 

To make accessing your brand elements as quick as possible, consider using Digital Asset Management software. There are many to choose from. They allow you to store all your files in one location and prevent duplicate or dated files.

To keep all your content creators on the same page, put together a brand standards document. It should detail how and how not to use your logo and other brand elements. Here’s one example of how our design2influence team helped a company define and refresh its brand.

Blinded by the Stink

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Many of your potential customers may object to an aspect of your business. The good news is that those objections might be easily addressed. Check out our suggestions.


Competitive Analysis Can Reveal Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Some businesspeople prefer to ignore their competitors, but analyzing what others in your industry are doing can guide your improvement and help you identify opportunities.  

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Real Results for a Real Estate Firm

DRK in Columbus, Ohio asked us to drive more traffic to their website. See how we used SEO, PPC ads and other tactics to achieve their goal.

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Case Study: The Pride of a District

We partnered with our city’s public school district a few years ago to tell its ongoing story. See some of the tools we’ve used and some of the results we’ve generated.


How Auto Shops Benefit from Sensory Branding

You may be surprised at how Sensory Branding can elevate customer perceptions in environments that are typically “less than appealing.” Here are a few examples.

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See - and Hear - Why Humor On Hold Works

What’s the key to helping 25 years’ worth of callers enjoy their time on hold? Funny, unpredictable content mixed with good information. Read one company’s story and listen to award-winning humor.

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5 Best Practices for Email Marketing  

Check these five metrics to see if you’re measuring what’s important for your nonprofit’s email marketing program. 

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