Improving your website’s UX, National Humor Month and more In April’s MadAveGroup Digest, improving UX by building internal links, how to capitalize on your on-site experience, using National Humor Month as inspiration and more.
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Issue 26 / April 2023

Is your company suffering from a lack of employee loyalty?

Attracting and training new hires is time consuming and expensive. Plus, a high resignation rate can disrupt a company’s culture, reputation and productivity. So, when screening job candidates, look for insight into how likely they are to stay with your company long-term.

Ask about the commitments they’ve made in their lives. Does their résumé show frequent job changes? Have they volunteered with a charitable organization for several years? How old are their longest friendships?

To learn what job seekers value, have them rank certain ideas in order of importance, such as salary, prestige, title, benefits, creative freedom, security, relationships and professional growth. Their responses can help you determine if they’re likely to leave as soon as they get a “better offer.”

Then, ask about each candidate’s favorite city or part of the country. If they enthusiastically name any place other than your town or region, assume they might leave quickly if a job opens up in their preferred area.

(See how we boosted one company’s targeted job applicants by 400%.) 

Gwen Hagen

Look for Indicators

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Is your business giving potential customers reasons to avoid buying? See how those indicators might be scaring off people before you can engage with them.


Tracking Web Analytics for MoM and YoY Data

Your monthly and yearly website numbers will each provide a different type of insight, so it’s important to monitor both sets.

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Use Internal Links to Improve UX and Reader Reception

An internal link strategy can help search engines and customers navigate your website easier, while encouraging bots to explore more pages and human visitors to linger longer.

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Employee Perspective: Videographer Rob Heath  

As a longtime video creator, Rob knows the value of applying creativity to his work, but he never knows when creativity is going to "strike."

Sara Young

How to Capitalize on Your On-Site Experience

Just about every company has an online presence these days, but many pay little attention to the on-site experience they provide. That’s an opportunity for you.

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National Humor Month Can Be a Year-Round Inspiration

When you can help your customers laugh - especially in traditionally negative situations - you’ll humanize your brand and generate good feelings about your company.

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5 Content Marketing Ideas for Your Nonprofit

When it comes to creating videos, blog posts and other online content, there are unique content categories your nonprofit organization can tap into, including your volunteers and fundraising efforts.  

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