Your content strategy, Schoolhouse Rock’s lasting legacy and more. 
In the March MadAveGroup Digest, evaluating your content development strategy, the other lesson Schoolhouse Rock taught, a social media case study and more.
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Issue 25 / March 2023

Are you struggling to write blog posts because you’ve run out of topics? Or are you always posting the same types of content on your company’s social media pages?

Then it’s time to reassess your content development strategy. To get more mileage out of the content you create, repurpose it.

A blog article you wrote could be the basis for a great video series. The Facebook post you published could be reformatted to tell a story on TikTok or Instagram Reels. Your team’s internal conversations about your industry might make interesting podcasts.

Reimagining your written, audio and video content on other channels can expand your audience, often without too much extra time and effort.

Don’t limit yourself to just what you’ve always done. Challenge your ideas about content distribution and you might find the spark you’ve been looking for.

Gwen Hagen

Schoolhouse Rock Teaches a Valuable Marketing Lesson

Kids watching TV

You might have learned about numbers, science and the parts of speech from Schoolhouse Rock, but the iconic series also left a lasting legacy for anyone who creates content.


8 Elements of a Successful Strategic Communications Plan

Whether you’d like to improve the consistency of your company’s communication, build strategic relationships or increase engagement with your brand, creating a plan is a good place to start.

Team collaborating

Case Study: Joybees Footwear

The shoe manufacturer wanted to optimize their social media presence and encourage more interactions, while making their brand more consistent across channels. See how we helped.

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Employee Perspective: Account Executive Sara Young

When you’re evaluating marketing partners, it can be helpful to have some insight about the people you might be working with. Meet d2i Account Executive Sara Young.

Sara Young

Thinking About Lobby Video? Consider These Questions

Custom video content in your stores or waiting areas can create energy, reinforce your brand and promote your products and services. Here are four questions to ask before you begin.

Lobby area with blank screen

Common Misconceptions About the Caller Experience

A few of our client-facing team members reveal the questions and comments they hear most often about On Hold Marketing and related services. Any of these sound familiar?

Woman relaxing on phone call with computer out

Creating Brand Guidelines for Your Nonprofit

When you develop and adhere to strict brand guidelines, your visuals will stand out easier to your audience. Brand standards are especially important if several people create your content.

Woman on computer with color palette on screen