Marketing tips for 2023, using the buying cycle in websites and more
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Issue 23 / January 2023

Everything in my office has a spot for easy accessibility. I know that if I allow clutter to creep into my workspace I’ll have trouble finding reports or files or other paperwork. And that would affect my productivity.

“Keeping your room clean” is an important concept when it comes to digital marketing, too.

When trying to achieve a goal for a client, we always work backward. For example, if we want to increase conversions on an organic web search, we first develop a plan to attract more traffic to the page and then make any necessary changes on the page to secure more conversions.

But we also need to work forward. That means making sure each client’s website is running as quickly and efficiently as possible, the platforms are updated and the SEO plan is in place. In other words, we’re keeping that digital room clean.

Maintaining an uncluttered infrastructure is important to the success of your Digital Marketing program. Let me know if we can help.

Don Miller

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