3 Outdated Website Concepts, Freshening Your Brand in 2023 and More The October Digest is all about planning and budgeting for 2023 + 3 website concepts we should all move on from in the new year.
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Issue 20 / October 2022

The Internet moves so quickly that it’s easy to get caught hanging onto outdated ideas. Here are three concepts whose time has passed.

The Fold - Everything you see on your screen when a website first loads is considered above the fold. You scroll down to see below the fold. The conventional wisdom used to be that the most important information had to be placed above the fold to increase the likelihood of it being seen.

But our ability to track user interactions has improved, so we know that user behavior has changed. Users scroll, so much so that more than 50% of website conversions now take place below the fold. That means it’s okay to place any type of content below the fold.

Banner Sliders - When animated sliders / carousels debuted, they were a captivating tool for showing off lots of info and calls-to-action within one space. But when viewers become desensitized to them, those CTAs were ignored. A good alternative is a static banner with meaningful, thoughtfully designed sections below it. You’ll have more space to convey your message and a chance for higher conversions.

SEO vs. Quality Content - Google’s mission has always been to serve the best-quality content to its users, not present websites with the highest keyword density. In fact, Google’s latest update says it all:

“We're launching what we're calling the ‘helpful content update’ that's part of a broader effort to ensure people see more original, helpful content written by people, for people, in search results.”

That means relevant headlines that grab your users’ attention and copy below the headline that speaks to your target audience.

Joe Hochgreve

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