Get more value out of your marketing content + best practices for display ads and more In the September Digest, ideas on how to repurpose your existing marketing content, the value in your brand’s flaws, questions to ask your marketing agency + best practices for creating display ads.
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Issue 19 / September 2022

You’ve probably heard the old adage “Don’t reinvent the wheel.” It means don’t spend time, effort or money trying to find a new way to do something when the old way works fine.

In the case of your marketing, it can also mean “Why create all new content for another channel if your existing content will work in that channel, too?”

For instance, one of our senior living clients produces testimonial videos that get a few dozen views on YouTube. We add select audio clips from those videos to their On Hold Marketing that’s heard by hundreds of callers daily.

Other ideas:

  • Break up your recent blog post to produce several social media posts.

  • Enlarge and frame your beautiful magazine or digital campaign to create powerful Environmental Marketing elements.

  • When posting a video or podcast to your website, include a transcript of the content on the page to reap the benefits of the added keywords.

Which content can you repurpose for different channels? You’re likely to enjoy a greater ROI for your marketing efforts. The consistency will be a nice bonus, too.

Scott Greggory

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