Your brand voice, marketing research basics + audio marketing tips
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Issue 18 / August 2022

A strong, memorable brand voice.

It’s important to you as a marketer, right? But that unique expression of who your company is won’t emerge from thin air. It takes daily effort to keep your company’s copy and content focused and memorable, yet authentic.

So, be careful that your brand's message doesn’t get watered down with marketing-speak. Make sure it’s audience-focused and not all about you. Don’t let your message lose potency by trying to appeal to everyone, while offending no one. And especially if several people contribute anonymously to your company’s voice, develop a brand guide. It can serve as both your standard and a filter through which you run your messaging.

Another idea: if there's a leader in your company who talks in a bold, no-nonsense way about your mission and your customers, pattern your marketing content after his or her communication style. It'll likely ring true with your audience and be perceived as unique because it's so personal.

Scott Greggory

Look for Indicators

MAG indicators

Ever think about the conclusions potential customers draw based on your lobby? Or your logo, your advertising or your customer service? Those indicators may speak more truth than your marketing.


MadAveGroup Wins Telly Award

See the quirky TV campaign that earned a national honor and visit its companion website,

Telly Awards

Market Research: Methods and Topics

Marketing Manager Mike Rankin breaks down the differences between primary and secondary research, as well as qualitative and quantitative research.

Team looking at statistics

Improve Your Google Ranking with SEO

There's no shortage of online content, so getting noticed is tough. Search Engine Optimization can help your website rank higher in search results and draw more visitors. Here are the basics.

Google Rankings

Why You Should Commit to a Content Strategy

Why does content strategy matter? What does it include? How can it benefit your web presence and bottom line? D2I Director Michael Seay addresses those questions.

Content Strategy

Best Practices: Audio Marketing

Audio Marketing combines on-site music with custom messaging. To build a successful program and elevate the content as a unique brand element, consider these five tips.

Couple checking in at lobby

Never Assume When It Comes to Your Caller Experience

“We never put callers on hold.” Have you ever said that? If so, you’ll appreciate this story about Amazon’s hold times - because it might save your job.

Woman frustrated on phone

What’s Your Mission?

Is your nonprofit’s old mission statement in a drawer somewhere? Maybe it’s time for a refresh. Or maybe you’ve never had one at all. Here are tips on what your statement should include and how to write it.

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