I.P. Targeting, Geoframing, Employee Retention, Audio Marketing and More
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Issue 17 / July 2022

If IP targeting and geoframing are not part of your marketing plan, I urge you to look into both.

The tools give you access to the focused audience you choose, and then allow you to serve them ads or other content.

Want to grow market share by catching the attention of your competitors' customers? Would you like to step up your recruitment efforts? Or maybe you want to follow up with prospective customers who visited your business recently. IP targeting and geoframing allow you to actively target the people you want to reach.

Learn more in my post "Comparing IP Targeting and Geoframing."

Nathan Steinmetz

Imagine This!

Mother and son in the library

See how a librarian’s initiative led to delighted visitors, a good PR opportunity and a more interesting workplace. There’s an employee retention angle that you can apply, too.


Driving Traffic

Southern California is a competitive market for automotive repair, but we helped a 30-store chain gain new ground and became their “favorite provider of services” along the way.

Man explaining car maintenance

Listening and Reacting

This New York City practice had a problem: the people taking advantage of their free hearing tests were not converting into patients. See their solution.

Doctor inspecting patient ear

Building a (New) Foundation

Refreshing an older brand can be tricky. Even if updates are long overdue, it’s often important to retain the best, most recognizable aspects of the look. Here's an example.

Shelf full of product

5 Audio Marketing Benefits

Just some music and messaging? Nope. Audio Marketing can deliver a lot of value for your customers, your staff and even your brand. Check out these benefits.

Woman with shopping bag

Calling as a Business Strategy

During the quarantine, the world was reminded of the value of human connection. That’s why it’s still important to pick up the phone now and then when communicating with customers.

Woman smiling on phone while on computer

What You’ll Need to Do to Start a Nonprofit

From research and funding to business development and staffing, there’s a lot to consider. Here’s a guide to getting up and running.

Man holding head in frustration