Is your website mobile responsive? Plus, recruiting tips, marketing goals vs. business goals and more.
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Issue 16 / June 2022

Still having a hard time finding new team members?

If your company shut down during the pandemic or you pulled back on your marketing during the last two years, it may be time to reintroduce your brand. Making your company more visible and attractive in general - not just as an employer - can trigger interest from potential employees.

Think content strategies. Are you staying in front of all your audience members with ongoing content on platforms they follow? If you are, but you’re still not drawing interested workers, it might be time to change your message and consider new channels.

And, yes, you need new staff members, but it’s never been more important to focus on retaining your current employees, too. Other companies may be actively reaching out to your best people, so make sure you’re maintaining a great culture and providing the tangible and intangible rewards that encourage loyalty from your top talent.

We can help you plan and execute these ideas. Let’s get together to talk possibilities. We’ll buy the coffee.

Jon Marker

What Is Your Marketing Philosophy?

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By defining your core ideas or beliefs about marketing, you’ll give yourself a valuable tool that can serve you and your company in several ways.


Business Goals vs. Marketing Goals

They’re related, but not the same, so it’s important to keep them separate when strategizing. Our Director of Marketing Management helps by defining SMART marketing goals.

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Why Your Website Isn’t Mobile Responsive

Learn the difference between mobile and responsive websites, how to test for mobile responsiveness and the questions to ask to determine if your site needs an upgrade.

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A New Frame of Mind

Many decades after opening in 1973, a national player in the DIY frame market started losing money. See some of the work that was responsible for reversing the company’s decline.

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4 Sensory Marketing Elements for Bankers

There are “layers” you can add to your marketing. They give your prospects and customers more ways to remember you. Read about a few examples.

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Writing Your Own On Hold Marketing Copy

We write the copy for nearly all of our OHM clients, but if you’d rather do it yourself, consider these solid tips. (They apply to other types of marketing copy, too.)

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Best Practices for Nonprofit Websites

It’s easy to get so close to your own website that you miss opportunities for improvement. Apply these tips to freshen your site or if you’re building from scratch.

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