Israel is in its third month of fighting, led by the Israel Defense Forces. We fight to rescue the abducted, protect our homeland and future, and eliminate threats from terrorists who want to harm us.
Our courageous soldiers are engaged in intense battles within civilian areas, risking their lives while striving to protect innocent people and minimize harm.
Our hearts go out to the families of the fallen, the abductees, and the Israeli public who have been profoundly impacted by this devastating incident.
We pray for the fighting to stop and for the safe return of the abductees to their homes.

Israel has successfully returned some of the abducted individuals, including some members of an employee's family. We must remember that many Israelis are still being abducted, and we must do everything we can to bring them back safely.

The weapons we manufacture are currently being utilized by the IDF engaged in the war in Gaza. We have gathered a collection of images from the battlefield to share with you. 

Photos credit: @IDF on instagram

Pray with us 🙏

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