Considering an AWeber alternative?

AWeber is an important player in the email marketing field and has been a trusted partner for small businesses over the years.

Meanwhile, VBOUT presents itself as an AI-enabled marketing automation platform, not just aligning with the needs of small businesses but also with those looking for advanced features at affordable rates.

Here’s a comparison between AWeber and VBOUT which shows the difference between both in terms of features and pricing.

Email marketing

VBOUT provides businesses with the ability to import and manage unlimited contacts, a contrast to AWeber which aligns its pricing to the size of your contact list, thus escalating costs as your list grows. Another feather in VBOUT's cap is the unique 'Chunk Sending' feature; it optimizes email campaigns by segmenting target lists into smaller groups, spacing out mail deliveries to maintain a consistent engagement pulse.
Furthermore, VBOUT facilitates predictive email sending, ensuring that your messages land in inboxes at the most  convenient moments. AWeber, while robust in its email functionalities, currently doesn't delve into such AI-enhanced email strategies.
Lead Management
Unlimited Contacts
Chunk Sending
A/B Testing
Predictive Email

Marketing automation

VBOUT offers a variety of automated messaging channels, including emails, SMS, and even browser push notifications - a breadth that AWeber doesn't match, especially given its absence of SMS support. Both platforms tap into the potential of AI for content generation, underscoring their commitment to data-driven, relevant communication.
Browser Push Notification
Email Automation
SMS Messaging
Ready-Made Automation Templates
AI Content Generation

Social media

VBOUT offers a comprehensive suite for social media engagements, while AWeber doesn't have these features.
Social Calendar
Posts Composing / Scheduling
Social Stream Management
Profile Grouping

Landing pages

VBOUT's landing page builder offers functionalities like merge tags and dynamic content personalization. AWeber, although offering a landing page designer, lacks these advanced personalization touchpoints.
Ready-Made Templates
Drag and Drop Builder
Dynamic Content
Merge Tags / Conditional Formatting
UTM Tracking


VBOUT's analytics suite supports features like multiple dashboards, public report sharing, and lead scoring activity tracking. AWeber, although competent in tracking standard marketing metrics like email engagement, doesn't match the expanse of insights VBOUT provides.
Multiple Dashboards
List Analytics
Lead Scoring
Publicly Accessed Reports
Smart Audiences

Agency features

VBOUT offers a variety of specific features that are tailored to agency's needs. AWeber doesn't focus on this segment, but it compensates with competitive commission rates for its users.
Centralized Management
Workflow Manager
Access Control
Post Moderation
White Labelling
Custom Plan Builder
Custom Pricing
Campaign Grouping
Competitive Commission
Revenue Tracking
Clients Training and Onboarding
Partner Community
Agency Growth Academy


AWeber's professional plan bills you $50 monthly for managing 5000 contacts. In comparison, VBOUT's flexible pricing strategy lets businesses manage an unlimited contact list, charging based on email volume. Their most basic package starts at $100 for 5000 emails/mo. For those desiring a full feature set, the cost is $200 for the same number of emails. For those being cautious with budgets, both platforms offer free plans. AWeber's free plan extends to 500 subscribers, while VBOUT presents an enticing offer with unlimited contacts. Check out our pricing plans for more details.
Starter Plan
$50/mo - Up to 5000 contacts -
Billed monthly
$100/mo - Unlimited contacts based on
5000 emails per month - Month-to-month
Professional Plan
$70/mo - Up to 10k contacts - 
Billed monthly
$300/mo - Unlimited contacts based on
10K emails per month - Month-to-month
Enterprise Plan
$150/mo -Up to 25k contacts - 
Billed monthly
CUSTOM Pricing
N.B: We make every effort to provide the most accurate figures, however, we advise verifying details with AWeber as pricing and packages can change. 

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