Considering a SharpSpring alternative?

SharpSpring is a marketing automation platform that allows businesses to manage their multiple marketing channels in one place and is suitable for small, mid-sized companies and digital agencies.

VBOUT is an excellent alternative to SharpSpring because it’s suitable for any business size and marketing agencies that don't require extensive training.

Here’s a comparison between SharpSpring and VBOUT which shows the difference in terms of features, pricing and onboarding.

Email marketing

VBOUT allows you to import and manage unlimited contacts into the platform. You can also update your communication preferences by choosing which list(s) you would like to subscribe to or unsubscribe from. SharpSpring charges you based on the number of contacts in the database and pricing increases as you add more. Additionally with SharpSpring, for merge tags, you can add an unsubscribe link at the footer of your emails, but the option for your contacts to update their communication preferences is not available.
SharpSpring VBOUT
Lead Management
Unlimited Contacts
Drag & Drop Builder
Communication Preferences

Marketing automation

VBOUT’s automation builder allows you to drag and drop ready-made email templates that you can use to create automated workflows. You can also create other automated messages such as browser push notifications and SMS messaging using Twilio.
SharpSpring VBOUT
Ready-Made Automation Templates
Drag & Drop Builder
SMS Messaging
Browser Push Notification

Social media

VBOUT and SharpSpring allow you to manage all your social media profiles in one place. You can also compose and schedule social media posts, visualize the calendar and track brands, competitors, and industry mentions. With VBOUT, you can take advantage of more additional features such as mass posting, custom posting, profile grouping and managing your social streams by engaging with your followers.
SharpSpring VBOUT
Social Calendar
Posts Composing / Scheduling
Social Stream Management
Profile Grouping
Social Listening


VBOUT and SharpSpring have similar analytics features. You can create multiple dashboards and measure your performance across all marketing channels in one place. 
SharpSpring VBOUT
Multiple Dashboards
Automated Reports
Publicly Accessed Reports
Automation Analytics
Landing Page Analytics

Agency Features

As for agency features, SharpSpring has the basic functionalities that can be beneficial for agencies, but there are no limitations found with VBOUT. All of these can be reviewed in the table below.
SharpSpring VBOUT
Centralized Management
Workflow Manager
Access Control
Post Moderation
White Labelling
Custom Plan Builder
Custom Pricing
Campaign Grouping
Competitive Commission
Revenue Tracking
Clients Training and Onboarding
Partner Community
Agency Growth Academy


SharpSpring starts at $449/month for up to 1000 contacts with all features included.  VBOUT starts at $100/month with unlimited contacts and all features included. Check out our pricing plans for more details.
SharpSpring VBOUT
Basic Plan $449/mo - 1000 contacts
- Including all features
$100/mo - 5000 emails -
Including all features
Intermediate Plan $999/mo - 10K contacts
- Including all features
$200/mo - 10K emails -
Including all features
Advanced Plan $1449/mo - 20K contacts
- Including all features
$600/mo - 100K emails -
Including all features


SharpSpring has a mandatory one-time onboarding fee of $2448. The team provides intensive support during the first 60 days to help you succeed. VBOUT has a one-time optional onboarding cost; you get personalized training provided by one of our experts to help set up your account with no expiry limit. You will also get different sessions on how to use each of the marketing functionalities on the platform. You can find out more details about VBOUT's onboarding here.
SharpSpring VBOUT
Onboarding Fee $2448 $3500
N.B: We make every effort to provide the most accurate figures, however, we advise verifying details with SharpSpring as pricing and packages can change.

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