Considering a Marketo alternative?

Marketo is a marketing automation platform that allows businesses to manage and automate their tasks across multiple channels.

VBOUT is an excellent alternative to Marketo because it's an all-in-one tool that's easy to use that doesn't require extensive training.

Here’s a comparison between Marketo and VBOUT which shows the difference between the two in terms of features and pricing.

Email marketing

With VBOUT, you can manage unlimited contacts. VBOUT's email marketing is also characterized by its drag and drop functionality with a bunch of different template designs. You can take advantage of A/B testing to determine what version to use for future campaigns.
Marketo VBOUT
Lead Management
Unlimited Contacts
Drag and Drop Builder
A/B Testing

Marketing automation

VBOUT’s automation builder has browser push notifications, which allow you to target your contacts as well as anonymous visitors with continuous updates about your company. Marketo doesn’t have this feature but allows you to create push notifications on mobile apps. If you need to create browser push notifications, you have to integrate it with a third party.
Marketo VBOUT
Browser Push Notification
Email Automation
SMS Messaging
Easy-to-Use Interface
In addition, building automation workflows is simpler with VBOUT. Marketo’s platform is somewhat more complicated.

Here's how each platform compares visually:

Marketo's automation builder


VBOUT's automation builder

VBOUT-automation builder

Social media

VBOUT has mass posting functionality, which allows you to upload a large number of social media posts using an excel file and schedule them all at once. Another feature you can take advantage of is custom posting, which enables you to set custom schedules to publish your posts recurrently or on different days and times. In addition, you can track hashtags and keywords to monitor your brand mentions on Twitter and Instagram and find posts relevant to your industry. You can also organize your social media profiles into groups.
Marketo VBOUT
Social Calendar
Posts Composing / Scheduling
Social Stream Management
Mass Posting
Custom Posting
Social Listening
Profile Grouping Posting

Agency Features

As for agency features, Marketo provides a few functionalities that can be beneficial for agencies but there are many limitations on the other side that VBOUT can fulfill. All these will be listed in the table below.
Marketo VBOUT
Centralized Management
Workflow Manager
Access Control
Post Moderation
White Labelling
Custom Plan Builder
Custom Pricing
Campaign Grouping
Competitive Commission
Revenue Tracking
Clients Training and Onboarding
Partner Community
Agency Growth Academy


For a professional plan, Marketo starts at $895 for 2500 contacts, excluding some features. VBOUT allows you to manage unlimited contacts but charges you for the number of emails, and the lowest package starts at $100, with all features included. Also with VBOUT, you can build your plan using only the features you need. Check out our pricing plans for more details.
Marketo VBOUT
Basic Plan $895/mo - Starts at 2500 contacts -
Excluding some features - Billed annually
$100/mo - Unlimited contacts based on
5000 emails per month - Billed monthly
Intermediate Plan $1795/mo - Starts at 10K contacts -
Excluding some features - Billed annually
$200/mo - Unlimited contacts based on
10K emails per month - Billed monthly
Advanced Plan $3195/mo - Starts at 10K contacts -
Including all features - Billed annually
$600/mo - Unlimited contacts based on
100K emails per month - Billed Monthly
N.B: We made every effort to provide the most accurate figures, however, we advise verifying details with Marketo as pricing and packages can change.

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