Webcast: Successful Email Automation 

Do you know the impact of using automation with your email campaigns?

Digital marketers know that email is still one of the best ways to nurture leads and develop relationships with customers. Here are some figures to think about:

"85% of marketers cite email as the most effective lead-generation tactic. In turn, businesses that use marketing automation to nurture prospects experience up to 451% increase in qualified leads."

Watch our Webinar Recording to learn the best ways to execute automated email campaigns from the marketing automation experts at Vbout.com. The right tools and tactics will help you amplify your lead generation and grow your business.


  • What is a drip campaign?
  • Important Stats and Facts
  • Goals You Can Achieve
  • Designing Great Campaigns
  • Crafting Your Customer Journey
  • Developing the Right Content Along the Funnel
  • Analytics and Optimizing Performance


Richard Fallah

Founder and Product
Development at Vbout.com

Audrey Dotson

Marketing Director at Vbout.com

George Fallah

Content Marketing Strategist at Vbout.com

Kelley Vinson

Marketing Manager at Vbout.com

webinar recording

What people are saying

The online sales site Satin Scraves, Custom Designs, NYC, has very little CRM. After attending webinars hosted by Vbout, we've been able to implement several tactics to increase SEO and customer engagement.